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Trust Us - Trustmarks Alone Aren't Enough To Increase Sales

Trust Us - Trustmarks Alone Aren't Enough To Increase Sales

Posted 02/03/2010 by Gareth Cutter

The hurdle that many retailers face to growing their sales online is proving to visitors that their e-commerce sites are 100% secure. Though the Internet has matured greatly in the past few years, visitors are still wary of the security risks it can pose. Take a look at your site and ask yourself: what visible factors clearly distinguish your site from an illegitimate one?

Trustmarks on the homepage and checkout process are the most commonly recommended methods of increasing confidence in your site. But these can be expensive to acquire, go unnoticed or misunderstood by visitors, and actually put some visitors off if used too liberally (putting them in mind of risks they might not have considered).

There are three subtler ways of increasing visitor confidence and conversion rates on your site that can complement the trustmark, if not replace it entirely:

Clean web site design You wouldn't drive a car that looks like it's about to fall to pieces on the motorway, and neither would you trust your card details with a site that doesn't take care of page formatting or broken links. Give your site a thorough once-over for any easily-fixed errors before acquiring trustmarks - otherwise, you're wasting your time, money and effort.

Strong product photography A picture is the next best thing visitors are going to get to actually holding your products in their hands, so invest in high-quality images with zoom capabilities, as well as demonstration videos and 3D imaging if appropriate. If your products and logos are pixellated, how are visitors to trust that you're selling quality, authentic products?

Contact details & FAQs at the checkout stage The web is a largely anonymous place, which is fine if you're on a web forum - but an online store needs to have clear and accurate contact details for visitors. Knowing there's a real human on the other end of the telephone / chat facility is one of the biggest factors in improving visitor confidence.

(This has the additional benefit of helping visitors rectify any problems that occur at the checkout process with a member of your team. But of course, you'd rather not lean too heavily on this).

Trust is always worth winning: it leads to loyalty, and loyalty leads to repeat sales and word-of-mouth recommendations. Without covering these three bases, you will find it difficult to win trust, so don't rely on trustmarks on their own - ensure you've set out the most confidence-inspiring stall on the web to grow your sales online today.

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