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The New Tradition: Online Spending on Christmas Day

The New Tradition: Online Spending on Christmas Day

Posted 21/12/2009 by Gareth Cutter

With reports indicating another year of growth for online retail in the US and UK (comScore have calculated a 3% year-on-year growth in US online retail over the 41 prime retail days from November - December 2009), businesses should consider what plans they have in place for making sales on Christmas Day - December 25th.

While many people still regard Christmas as 'immune' to the heavy spending that surrounds it, in reality, 5 million consumers spent a total of £102m in 2008. This amount was taken without any concerted effort on the part of advertisers and many retailers were in fact taken off-guard by how many visitors their sites received.

So it appears that for many, going online to shop after the traditional Christmas dinner might become the new routine for filling in the post-present-unwrapping boredom.

The easiest way to profit from this burgeoning Christmas market is to ensure your paid search campaigns are still running: instead of decreasing your budget, consider increasing it, and change the advertising copy to reflect any seasonal promotions or messaging you might be running to improve your message's relevancy.

Christmas isn't all about shopping for consumers; many will be logging onto social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and channels like email to send Seasons Greetings to friends and family members. Having a presence on these channels could prove more profitable on this day than any other time of year (plans from Google and Bing to incorporate Twitter feeds into live search results gives retailers an extra incentive to invest in this channel).

If you are closed over Christmas and Boxing Day, and any other day leading up to New Year's Eve, make sure this is stated clearly on your web site, ad copy and landing pages. This is so prospective shoppers' expectations are set correctly and you don't create any undue disappointment.

Whether it's your first Christmas spent trading online or one of several gone by, follow these tips to make a gift out of what is - in effect - an extra day on the calendar for retailers.

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