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Email Marketers: Make A List And Check It Twice

Email Marketers: Make A List And Check It Twice

Posted 28/10/2009 by Gareth Cutter

In the run up to Christmas, many preparations must be made to ensure your Christmas email marketing campaigns are a success. With so many tactics and best practices to keep track of, we thought it useful to list the following points as reminders. These will help you keep your Christmas email marketing campaign on track and on target.

Have you...

  • Checked last year's Christmas campaign performance?

Historical data will help identify where your campaigns have succeeded and where they have failed in the past. Moreover, you can use it to make informed more decisions about campaign strategy this time around. While analysing your competitors' campaigns will also give insight into how the other side go about it, only they will know how many of these emails resulted in a genuine sale. Use your own data intelligently to drive engagement and purchases.

  • Re-branded your templates to reflect the holiday season?

It's more than pure aesthetics - making subtle changes to your design with the addition of familiar holiday motifs and colour schemes will make the purpose of your email clearer when answering recipients' needs e.g. 'Time to buy some gifts for the kids this Christmas'.

  • Checked that the new design displays correctly in different email clients?

Not all clients work alike; sending test emails to Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN and other accounts will help spot any errors before they are broadcast to the general public.

  • Updated your recipients' preferences?

Just as no two email clients are the same, your recipients' wants and needs will be as varied as their postcodes. Sending an email to recipients wtih a short survery asking them the essentials, such as how many emails they want to receive, what products they'd like to receive information on and whether they prefer to shop onstore or online; all will help you to tailor and target your emails accordingly, making them a personal, relevant and much more profitable (for you) experience.

  • Asked recipients to add you to their 'whitelist'?

Most email clients offer people the choice of including contacts in their 'safe addresses' list. This means all emails from you will land in their inbox, not the junk folder. Asking subscribers to make this change will ensure maximum deliverability of your Christmas offers. Give recepients a reason to add you to this list. For example, ' To ensure you do not miss out on any breaking Christmas holidy offers, please add us to your white list.'

With less than two months ago, it's essential that you put in the work now to reap the rewards of Christmas later. Follow this checkist over the next couple of weeks, check it again and come Christmas time, your cash register will be ringing all the way.

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