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No-Fat Marketing: Plot Where Leads Come From With CRM

No-Fat Marketing: Plot Where Leads Come From With CRM

Posted 22/07/2009 by Gareth Cutter

Historically, the success of marketing hasn't always been easy to quantify. Evidence of a campaign's success was often boiled down to either a positive, negative or static trend. It was time-consuming to gather hard evidence whether 'Customer A' actually bought the washing-up powder because of the television campaign or for a completely unrelated reason.

Customer relationship management programmes can now help B2B businesses track the origins of incoming enquiries with greater ease, which in turn means greater measurement and analytic opportunities. You should train customer service agents to ask all incoming prospects, whether it be via phone, instant chat, email etc:

  • How they first heard about your company
  • What it was that prompted them to get in touch with you directly

Their responses should then be fed into the CRM program.

This data will help you understand which marketing efforts are most effective at promoting awareness of your company - the first step towards building trust in prospects - and identify which calls to action, special offers and promotions are best at driving prospects to get in contact with you.

This is solid, quantifiable data that can be used to sort underperforming marketing activities from the rest. In the lingering recession, most businesses cannot afford to waste any of their marketing spend; knowing which channels are not bringing a strong ROI will help marketing and senior managers decide which ones to improve and which ones to jettison altogether, saving the business more money and getting extra value out of customer service staff.

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