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Get Creative & Improve Email Click-Through Rates

Get Creative & Improve Email Click-Through Rates

Posted 10/06/2009 by Gareth Cutter

Your email marketing will experience diminishing returns if you use the same format for writing promotional emails as you do business correspondence. Your list will become fatigued as more subscribers opt-out of your campaigns through a lack of engagement. Not surprising really; if they don't see any interest in your email marketing for them, why should they continue having it clutter up their inboxes?

The success of your offers and promotions can be heightened when you market them creatively. Trouble is, not everyone feels they have the necessary spark to make email marketing truly creative, so they fall back on the same 'letter writing' format. That's why we've stepped in with these tips: to help your email campaigns shout, sing and leap off the page at subscribers and increase overall engagement, click-through and conversion levels.

  • Create intrigue in your subject lines: reflective questions are good, but can you do more? A promotional email from a musical instrument retailer for instance, could start: "Become a Guitar Legend: 10% off Fender Stratocasters" instead of "10% off Fender Stratocasters - One Week Only". The first is benefit-led and keys into the aspirational desires of musicians, but the principle can be applied to any situation. Find out what makes your subscribers tick

  • Use a persona: write as yourself or invent a character(s) to head up your email marketing as it allows you to be more personal, individual and therefore more creative. Use it express your own opinions or use it as an extension of the brand's philosophy - but most importantly, be human. Generic emails from a faceless marketing department don't resonate with subscribers as much as the personal touch does

  • Write your emails for the eye: images in the background and foreground, short videos and all other graphical elements can help increase engagement and even drive click-through when used as hyperlinks to landing pages. Two tips: first when using models in your images, position them so they're looking at key calls to action and landing pages as it increases responsiveness in subscribers; secondly, remember to write a plain text version as well as HTML, since some subscribers will have images turned off

So get out of the 'business letter' writing habit and start flexing your creative muscles to write emails that attract, impress and persuade with their creative flair, without you having to become the next Picasso.

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