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Generic Emails Equal Generic Performance

Generic Emails Equal Generic Performance

Posted 05/06/2009 by Gareth Cutter

From now on we'd like to impose a ban on the word 'generic' - because when it comes to email marketing, there should be nothing generic about your campaigns; messages can be targeted to recipients and made relevant even when sent en masse. If you want to increase your click-through and conversion rates, you have to put a little effort in.

Mail merging contact list data with your email marketing programme is the first and most basic step you can take towards banishing 'generic' from your vocabulary, and something your email marketing provider can do for you. Addressing each and every one of your subscribers by first name within the body and subject line of an email will help you in the long run as response rates typically improve with this basic personalisation step.

The next step after this is to begin sending 'event' emails based on a subscribers' life-cycle. For instance, if you are a retailer you should plan special promotions and discounts to be sent in time for customers' birthdays. According to "e-marketing guru", Dave Chaffey, birthday emails enjoy on average:

  • 70.5% open rates
  • 4.3% conversion rates (of emails delivered)
  • 6.0% conversion rates (of emails opened)
  • 3.3% increase in average transaction value

There are more opportunities for B2C retailers to send event emails than B2B companies, but only just. In general, where B2C retailers look for events that relate to individuals directly (birthdays, anniversaries, length of time on the mailing list etc), B2B retailers should look to the business environment for events that resound on a larger scale. For instance, an accountancy practice might respond to a new piece of tax legislation by sending an alert email to its subscriber base for instance whilst up-selling its book-keeping services.

Your subscribers don't exist in a bubble, and neither should your campaigns. Remove all traces of 'generic' from your email marketing programme and start treating your subscribers to relevant, event-triggered communications.

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