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Does Anyone Care About B2B Email Newsletters?

Does Anyone Care About B2B Email Newsletters?

Posted 14/05/2009 by Gareth Cutter

B2C companies - compared to B2B companies, you have it made when it comes to composing email marketing newsletters. More often than not, the target market is broader, new content is easier to create and there's a product or service that can be sold or booked easily via an e-commerce website.

The average B2B company doesn't have half of these advantages but faces the same problem of, 'How do I tell my market about our services in a cost-effective manner?' while struggling to come up with relevant content to engage contacts on a consistent basis.

Given that an email marketing campaign without engaging content is as good as a car without wheels, a deficit of engaging content can close the door on email marketing for some B2B businesses.

We'd like to help you get that door open again: there's no reason why B2C companies should reap all the benefits of a low cost, high ROI marketing channel while you sit out in the cold.

B2B Emails & Personas

Have you considered trying to create a persona in your email? Because the biggest drawback B2B marketing content can suffer from is that it sometimes feels too academic.

Advice guides, for example, are really valuable content for an email marketing campaign, but are often removed from a specific 'real life' situation that contacts can relate to. What you need is something that helps them connect with the content. A persona can help.

People buy from people in the business world. Just think about your most successful sales person: they can strike up a conversation (and therefore a relationship) with a prospect, which makes it much easier to turn them into a client and retain them for longer afterwards.

However nicely designed your company logo is, no-one is going to 'identify' with it in a meaningful way. Putting a human face on your email marketing however, will make it feel more like another friendly communication channel that prospects and clients can use to have their questions answered (which is what it should be).

How Do I Create My Persona?

Choose someone within your company who has a good understanding of your customers and ask them to be the face of your email marketing campaign.

Invite them to solicit content from subscribers via surveys and letters to the editors and to write articles on topics that concern customers the most. Draw on everything that is related to your company (events, awards, news stories, human interest stories) and include a headshot with their name and contact details. This will create a more engaging, approachable email campaign for your subscribers.

B2B companies, you've got just as much to say to prospects and clients as B2C companies - you just have to find a different way of communicating it. Test and measure the use of a persona in your B2B email campaigns and we're confident you will find an increase in subscriber interest, engagement and conversion rates.

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