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You Pick The Destination, CRM Will Show You The Way

You Pick The Destination, CRM Will Show You The Way

Posted 08/05/2009 by Gareth Cutter

You already know where you want to go; your destination is the front of customers' minds. You've got most of the kit to get there: you're already quite familiar with your target market's age, gender, average income and geographic location (that is unless you happen to be a new business or are diversifying in unfamiliar directions); perhaps you even know what their highest form of media consumption is - but even with all this knowledge, are you sure you're going about reaching them the right way?

An easy mistake to make is assuming that the most popular form of media consumption is automatically the best way to reach your target market. True, you want to be highly visible in whatever space most of your potential customers are congregating, and if it's a social media site such as Facebook, so be it - your customers determine where you set your co-ordinates.

But it's not as simple as going where the biggest crowd is. It would be counter-intuitive to neglect these spaces completely but you should turn to your customer relationship management program and do some analysis before jumping in with both feet first.

We've already seen that Facebook is a popular but notoriously difficult space to advertise in effectively. The large majority of social media users would prefer it to be an 'advert free' zone and resent the idea of companies invading it with profiles trying to be their friends. Rather than targeting a larger crowd of unreceptive prospects, it is better to target a smaller, more receptive one.

You could greatly increase your sales effectiveness by testing different marketing channels and analysing which generated the most sales enquiries and conversions using a customer relationship management reporting system. The most successful one might not be the one you'd automatically expect.

For instance, in a recent article on, it is reported that digital immigrants (people who grew up without technology but have learned to use it later in life) over the age of 55 consume 22% of overall mobile marketing share. Not only that, mobile marketing campaigns in the automotive, insurance, airline and credit card industries have been very successful amongst this age group - more so than online marketing.

What assumptions do you harbour about your target market? Could it be you've been approaching them from the wrong angle all this time? A CRM program can help you get to the bottom of things, uncovering the truth about which channel really gets results - based on actual results.

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