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Discontented? 5 Quick-Fix Ideas for Email Marketing Content

Discontented? 5 Quick-Fix Ideas for Email Marketing Content

Posted 06/05/2009 by Gareth Cutter

The success of email marketing depends heavily on the quality of your content. It has to be targeted and relevant to consumers when they ask themselves, 'What's in it for me?'

If you're having one of those days when the ideas just won't come, here are a few tips to get the wheels turning:

  1. What's Your Take On...? - Take a whistle-stop tour of the most relevant blogs and media outlets in your industry to find out what this week's big topic is and use that as your starting point. You can save a lot of time and effort otherwise spent thinking up a new theme simply by adding your own take on an already popular question.

  2. Your Subscribers - It makes sense to turn to subscribers for content ideas given that the email newsletter is intended for them. Asking subscribers to respond to surveys, quizzes, question spots and letters to the editor could increase subscriber engagement, identify topic areas that interest subscribers and solve a content deficit at the same time.

  3. Think Small - The 'Big Ideas' are great for putting forward large essays but they are also deceptively easy to exhaust. By focusing on the smaller aspects of the bigger picture, writing mini-case studies, white papers and how-to's, you'll find you have a lot more ground to cover. You can tie these back into the 'bigger picture' later on as a round-up email.

  4. Look To The Past... - Look at topics you've covered in the past and see if they need updating with new content. Subscribers will appreciate being kept informed of the latest developments and old subjects can easily be assimilated into new articles, saving you time.

  5. And The Future - Do you have any predictions you'd like to share with your subscribers, or have you spotted any emergent trends that can be followed to a logical conclusion? Speculating on the future and asking for comments from your subscribers will get them more involved. If you turn out to be right, they'll think you're ahead of the curve, and if you were wrong, it was only ever a prediction - no credibility is lost.

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