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Will My New Web Content Capture Visitors?

Will My New Web Content Capture Visitors?

Posted 23/04/2009 by Gareth Cutter

A recent case study posted on the MarketingSherpa website has demonstrated how companies can use new content combined with data capture on their websites as part of a targeted lead generation strategy.

Data capture is important for your email marketing because visitors will remain anonymous unless they provide you with their name and email address. So, how to persuade them to give you their details?

In the study, the marketing director of a technology firm decided to overhaul the content on the website with fresh white papers, on-line demos, event information and community forums. Prospects who wanted to download offers or register for events were required to fill in a web form with their contact details. In the case of the latter, it's reasonable to expect data capture for event registration and community forums as these are high and low commitment activities respectively. However, it can be tricky to pitch the trade-off correctly for the former tactics. Is it worth sticking your neck out and making your web content 'registration only' - or should you make it free to everyone?

It's clear in the case study that the key to the company's success was through positioning themselves as thought-leadersMarketingSherpa: the content they were producing had exceptional value to their target market, which made it easier to collect this kind of important data. However, not everyone can occupy this position of thought-leader. If you don't have the same amount of resources to devote, what can you do?

Simply posting new resources on a website will have search engine optimisation benefits for your site (search engines love new content). This can help attract more new visitors. If you are then concerned that you don't yet have the credibility to ask for prospect contact details at this point, post the information for free. To compensate for this missed data capture opportunity, you could provide a link to a data capture page at the conclusion of your white papers and webinars, when trust has been more fully established in the prospect. Add an incentive of more exclusive, related content in future.

Having a variety of on-line offers which visitors can sign up for widens the scope of addresses you can collect. The next step is simply to target them effectively - a topic we will cover in the next blog post.

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