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Tips To Prove Your Email Marketing's Success

Tips To Prove Your Email Marketing's Success

Posted 31/03/2009 by Gareth Cutter

According to a recent report, it has been discovered that "... nearly 20% of email marketers have no clue how their email marketing campaigns perform" - a startling figure given that financial directors are examining their marketing departments' budgets even more closely in the recession. If marketers aren't able to show what their efforts are achieving, they may soon find themselves having to justify why they have a budget at all.

Email marketing is one of the most measurable marketing channels available so it's disappointing to hear it's not being taken advantage of fully. Of the fifth of marketers who aren't tracking the returns of their email marketing campaigns, almost half claimed it was because they don't know how. Lucky for them, we have a cost-effective suggestion, which should please the other percentage who blamed small budgets - reference codes. Here is an example of how it could be applied:

  • If there are multiple sales channels in your business, give each one an individual reference code (this should be different to the transaction number). For instance, email marketing campaigns could be 'SC101' while direct mail coupons could be 'SC102'

  • Include the reference code in a prominent position within the body of the email; in bold and in the top half of the message is best. Instruct recipient to make a note of it

  • These reference codes can then be tied into a discount promotion. When the customer arrives at the website or shop to make a purchase, they are asked to quote the reference code they received in order to redeem the discount

This way, every customer that makes a purchase automatically registers which channel they received the promotion on and decided to take action, whether they decide to purchase online or off. This gives email marketers a useful metric with which to prove email marketing's effectiveness when the budget comes under review.

Reference codes could be applied in all sorts of ways; if discount promotions aren't something your business offers, look at other opportunities for measurement e.g. brochure requests, appointment bookings etc. Knowing how well your campaigns are performing will allow you to identify areas of successs and areas for improvement.

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