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Hidden Selling Opportunities in Email Marketing

Hidden Selling Opportunities in Email Marketing

Posted 12/03/2009 by Gareth Cutter

Are you missing a valuable opportunity to sell to subscribers in your email marketing? Quite possibly, because a recent report from Return Path's Professional Services Group has shown 58% of retailers send the same generic promotional emails to both buyers and non-buyers and fail to adapt their messaging to fit customer behavior (and if you didn't spot the opportunity there, read that sentence again).

Sending generic emails for promotional messaging suggests to subscribers that either you aren't paying attention to their buying behavior or you are but are choosing to ignore it. Tailor your email marketing messages and segment your contact list the better to key into subscribers' desires and maximise their spending potential.

Transactional confirmation emails present another window of opportunity for email marketers to increase sales as they are highly appreciated by subscribers - more so that just straightforward promotional emails. Failing to cross-sell related products in these messages misses a perfect opportunity to pitch where the subscriber is both engaged by your message and more amenable to the idea of further spending, especially if the products you are promoting are relevant.

For opportunities with so much potential, they are often over-looked - and most likely by your competitors too. Get the jump on them by putting these tactics into practice today (don't worry, we won't tell anyone).

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