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Right Place, Right Time: Email Marketing Best For Your Message

Right Place, Right Time: Email Marketing Best For Your Message

Posted 24/02/2009 by Gareth Cutter

Recent figures have shown email marketing is still the overall preferred channel as chosen by consumers for receiving communications from businesses. The findings come on the back of a recent study by G2 Data Dynamics, the customer insight specialists, which went on to detail:

  • 57% of consumers chose email marketing as their preferred business communication channel
  • More specifically, 54% of women and 60% of men singled it out as their first choice, showing a slight difference between audiences

These findings put email marketing above post, telecommunications and social media in terms of popularity, and as the saying goes, 'the customer is always right'; marketers who haven't already considered using email marketing as a communication and marketing channel should do so now. For those who are, here's some extra advice on how to help widen this 'window of opportunity' for maximum sales turnover.

The variance between email marketing's popularity with men and women might be slight, but it does illustrate the point that not all audiences preferences are the same. Email marketers should be using email surveys to find out when their subscribers are most likely to read business emails. Scheduling your campaigns inappropriately could result in users only finding them later at the bottom of the inbox, buried under more recent messages that arrived after yours. By the time they have read through them all, interest and receptivity to your message might be diminished.

You have to try and find out when your message is most likely to delivery at a key inbox-browsing part of the day. Web-usage habits will always vary but they can identify times when the majority of your market checks its email. For instance, those working in a B2B sector tend to distribute their campaigns just prior to lunch: this is so they arrive just before office workers sit down at their desks to eat and catch up on their mail. Those in the B2C sector may decide to send email campaigns outside of work hours instead when recreational internet-use is highest and consumers have more time to browse personal email accounts.

Strictly speaking, there is no 'right' or 'wrong' time to send an email but there are times that are likelier to get a higher response rate. Your particular industry might have very specific times and dates when email messaging would be most appropriate, so it's essential you learn them. Put together a short preference form asking when users tend to check their emails, or include it in a larger market survey and analyse the results - soon you will have valuable data with which to increase the customer engagement and sales conversions of your email marketing campaigns, just from asking a few questions.

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