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'Trust Us' - How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Sales

'Trust Us' - How to Use Email Marketing to Increase Sales

Posted 16/02/2009 by Gareth Cutter

People will only buy from you if they feel they can trust you. Unfortunately, some people are harder to convince than others. But one of email marketing's chief advantages as a marketing channel is how it can be used to build trust up gradually via targeted campaigns and offers that increase progressively in value.

For the majority of subscribers, this approach is enough: once they've been caught by your attention grabbing subject-line, and invested themselves in your messaging and special offers, the sale will come much easier. But what about those that are still unwilling to make a purchase because of reservations? Some consumers and clients are going to be extra-cautious about their spending until the economy is back on the mend so you need to prove you've got a rock-solid proposition.

Established businesses should draw on the trust-building quality of testimonials and customer reviews by including them at the footer of their email marketing campaigns, just below the call to action. Make sure that they are relevant to what you're advertising, are properly credited to the author (in-line with your privacy policy) and are not just generic endorsements of your business as these tend to carry less value that more specific testimonials. If the email includes a link to a landing page, put the reviews on there too so the prospect is continually reminded of your trustworthiness.

For businesses that use ecommerce, one of the biggest obstacles to a sale is internet users' mistrust of on-line shopping and fear of identity theft. Recent figures published by Cybersource suggest that 40% of UK shoppers prefer not the purchase online for this reason. If your website supports any of the various identity protections schemes (MasterCards' Secure Code or Verified by Visa) and is endorsed with the secure padlock icon, consider including these graphics at the foot of your email marketing campaign with a short description of your security policies. Alternatively, you could link to the security policy posted on your website to get the traffic flowing in.

In addition to this, remember the front that your email marketing presents. A trustworthy website will observe best practices when it comes to collecting contact addresses, sending appropriate volumes of mail and giving recipients the chance to change their subscription options and / or unsubscribe. Every email you send represents your company: informative, attractively formatted email marketing campaigns will go a long way towards convincing prospects that your business merits their trust and their custom.

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