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Email Marketing - Survival of the Quickest?

Email Marketing - Survival of the Quickest?

Posted 12/02/2009 by Gareth Cutter

Less than two days to go before Valentine's Day and if you were hoping to get an email marketing campaign out in time for consumers to take advantage of, time is running out fast - that is unless you're planning a an 'Anti-Valentine's' campaign!

We've already published some suggestions on how to take advantage of email marketing for Valentine's Day, even if your business isn't in a particularly 'romantic' industry. But for those of you who have missed the boat this time, it's worth us recapping briefly on the importance of planning and timing in email marketing.

A marketers' job is, amongst other things, to be one step-ahead of their market when it comes to anticipating buying decisions. Planning early is a must in order to spot emergent trends, and thinking about a campaign weeks in advance will allow you to test and refine your messaging until it's as targeted as it can possibly be.

Email marketers have the unique advantage over those who use traditional channels in that they're able to get their messages out faster and target them to recipients more specifically - so the consumers who want to know about your '20% Valentine's Discount' do so - and before anyone else.

Set up a monthly marketing plan and update it weekly. That way you're aware of every upcoming opportunity and never miss a deadline. Consistency and opportunity combined bring more sales than either can when used on its own.

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