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Our Experience

Our Senior Management team have been with the business for a combined total of over 50 years. Rather than take a back seat, they are very much hands-on when it comes to leading the team and driving the business forward.

Chris Maule, Managing Director Chris is a digital entrepreneur deeply passionate about technology and retail. He has been leading the company to create extraordinary digital transformation for our clients for nearly 20 years. Outside work Chris is a keen runner and tri-athlete with a keen interest in all things musical.

John Coyne, Commercial Director An ex-professional footballer for Wigan Athletic, John started his career with Venditan in 2002 and is heavily involved within most ecommerce projects for our retail client base. Currently oversees the Business Development, Client Service, Project Management and Marketing teams.

Mark O'Brien, Senior Account Manager An experienced digital specialist, Mark joined Venditan in 2014, quickly progressing to become a senior member of the team, project managing a number of complex ecommerce migrations across to the Venditan Commerce platform. In his spare time, Mark is a keen writer and has had multiple books published within the sports industry.

Kamba Abudu, Development Manager An ecommerce systems expert, Kamba has been working at Venditan for over six years. He brings a solid track record of designing and delivering robust, scalable software systems, and currently heads up the team of Venditan Commerce platform developers.

Michael Simcoe, Development Lead Michael has been with Venditan for over five years and is instrumental in delivering fully optimised and responsive ecommerce websites that meet the high standards required for both the modern shopper and Search Engine Optimisation. He leads the Venditan Front End team and ensures we are continually striving for the very best user and customer experiences across our portfolio.

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