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A Bit About Us

Launched in 1997, and headquartered in central Manchester, we are a 50 strong team of retail software experts working with UK and European retailers to develop their e‑commerce and instore businesses. We have some of the brightest minds in the industry committed to improving our platform, our services, and in turn the performance of the retailers with whom we build long‑lasting relationships.

Our vision is to change the face of retail in the UK and internationally

We really mean that. We have seen big changes in the industry in the past 20 years and pride ourselves on helping retailers overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities they faced in that time.

We have developed our own end‑to‑end retail platform, Venditan Commerce, which is constantly evolving, while our software engineers are also developing new and innovative products to meet the needs of the market. And as a full‑service agency, our team of digital consultants are always up-to-date with the latest developments in digital marketing and e‑commerce.

To find out more about the brands we have worked with take a look at our work.

We want retail partners not clients

Our philosophy is a simple one: if you are successful, we are successful.

That’s why we seek to really understand the business of the retailers we work with and through that deep understanding identify the areas where we can use our technology and expertise to make them more efficient and able to spend their time and resources concentrating on their customers and doing the things that they excel at.